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Conservation Park Murals

Commissioning Agency: City of Ontario, 2015 / Ontario, California, USA

Check out the murals I designed for the Conservation Park in Ontario, California! The park, which opened in December 2015, is located in front of City Hall at 303 E. B St, Ontario, CA 91764. These bench murals were created in using entertaining imagery that people of all ages can enjoy. The golden orange and blue colors represent the sun and moon, and the dark colored outlines of the images are similar to traditional ink drawings or engraved prints. I depicted the images in a style similar to children’s storybooks and mythology. The twelve astrological signs are included in the bench designs.

Bench One

(Left) The first bench is composed of the Goat (Capricorn), the Water Bearer (Aquarius), the Fish (Pisces), and the Ram (Aries).

Bench Two

(Right) The second bench combines the Bull (Taurus), the Twins (Gemini), the Crab (Cancer), and the Lion (Leo).

Bench Three

(Left) On the third bench are the Virgin (Virgo), depicted as a young woman with flowers in her hair, the Scales (Libra), the Scorpion (Scorpio), and the Archer (Sagittarius).

The suns and moons in the center of each bench design help bring balance and unify the three benches as a whole. Inspired by the sundial design that is also in the park, the center images change in sequence from sunrise to sunset. View more photos.

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